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Up-to-date dissertation writing guide for undergraduate students

Once of the most important thing that you will need to know if you are undergraduate students is to understand the steps of writing dissertation. Here are a few guidelines on how to write a goof dissertation

  • Choosing a title
    This is definitely an important part because the reader needs to understand the focus and core principles of the work from just reading the title. This is due to the fact that each word of the work will come with its own meaning. Also understand that this is an important skill when searching for the literature of the work. There are several components that make a good title and each of these tells the reader of your research. You can consider a component to be a single word that focuses on the research, the key theory, your methodology of choice, the variables you use and such.
  • Start writing
    You will need to first create the proposal and discuss it with your supervisor. After this you can begin writing the first draft of the paper. After handing over the draft, arrange for a tutorial that will give you the written or verbal comments as well as the suggestion of your supervisor. Revise sections as per your supervisor’s comments.
  • Produce the first draft
    Your supervisor will guide you on when you should produce your first draft. However, if you will be taking the dissertation module over an academic year, a good idea would be to produce the abstract or proposal of one or 2 chapters. Use the second semester to write the remaining chapters, complete the revision and write.
  • Write the literature review
    A dissertation is a written work that can be quite substantial. The literature review is an important part and reviews or discusses the secondary literature that is of central or general relevance to the area that is being investigated.
  • Organization & presentation
    After generating your notes around the reading, you may be overwhelmed by the literature. When it comes to the presentation and organization of the literature review, a good idea would be to divide your review into two key parts; General reading and the key literature.
  • The main body
    This should consist of 3 main parts:
    1. The method
    2. The findings
    3. The discussion
  • Conclusion
    This should provide you with an opportunity to review the entire work identify your comparison points and contrast the various texts that you have examined.