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Writing A Better Thesis: How Can You Improve Your Paper?

Thesis writing is an undeniably intimidating task and can become more daunting when your career rests on that. Remember a good thesis incorporates substantial content and is written from entertaining and persuading perspectives.

Consider following points in mind when writing a thesis paper-

  1. Go back and check for grammar: Spell check for words, sentences, punctuation issues and thereby you will clearly convey what you mean to say. Incorrect grammar completely changes the meaning of some statements occasionally. Make substantial edits and sharpen the quality of the content.
  2. Deliver principal features: The purpose of the thesis is served better when you successfully describe what you intend to do and persuade the reader justifiably keeping them entertained throughout the reading.
  3. A general mistake committed by most of the writers: Most of the writers provide the data but forget to offer the evidences or arguments explaining their position.
  4. For example when you state that death penalty should not be put into practice as it does not deter violence in crimes. Do not come to the next point immediately but state why this happens and why it is wrong. It will clear the purpose of writing. It is necessary to mention as all the persons sentenced to death are not guilty.

  5. It should have a clear statement: It should deliberately convey the chief points of the essay in introduction and conclusion citing the strong arguments and illustrations and evidences in the body of the paragraph. If you forget to add something, go back and edit the content to strengthen your essay.
  6. Collect impressive and authentic main points: The points added should support the idea and should not go off the track. While revision, if you find something like that- either delete it completely or edit and write from a changed perspective. While editing, ensure that you have not left any important detail.
  7. Gather sufficient points regarding your subject: Do a quick review and check if you have forgotten to answer any special questions like “support this assertion” etc. Understand its significance and support your hypothesis with relevant details. It’s good to add stellar points in the paper but they should not be vague.
  8. Focused approach: A dissertation can be made better if it’s not very broad and stays focused. Extra elaboration of the content only confuses the reader.
  9. It should be a debatable topic: If it is an argumentative proposal, you should include strong argumentative points justifying your position well.

Once you follow all these points diligently, your thesis will be termed as the best in the class instead of a better one.