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Get inspired by the sources suggesting good dissertation titles

Choosing good dissertation titles is one of the key choices that you will have to make before you can graduate. The bad news is that picking a good one is not as easy as it sounds. This article will provide you with a general guideline of how to get started and avoid the common pitfalls.

There are several rules that you need to follow when making this decision. You need to ensure that your titles are explanatory and descriptive. Every word in your title will help the reader to focus on the core of the paper. This should not be general but it should be very explanatory and descriptive. The goal of the title is to explain issues such as:

  • The research’s purpose
  • The theory behind the paper
  • The variables that you looked into
  • The Design of the research(quantitative, qualitative or mixed)
  • Your adopted methodology
  • The population that you have studied

If you are wondering how to start writing a dissertation as well as how to choose a good title, here are some ideas that are worth exploring.

  • Barriers to accessing HIV and AIDS treatment and issues of health inequalities and human rights in the U.K
  • A critical analysis of the interrelation between duration of sleep and bodyweight
  • Analyzing the positive versus negative roles of cyclo-oxygenase in the treatment of cardiovascular conditions
  • Globalization & nationalism. Can globalization be considered to be a threat to a particular state or to the nationalism movement?
  • AIDS activism: How gay right movements has impacted the spread of AIDS in South Africa
  • Is it possible to eradicate piracy in the horn of Africa or is it a permanent and unavoidable risk that needs to be avoided?
  • The impact of the increased influence of China on the world politics and its potential to become a superpower
  • The causes of street families in India and how the problem can be eradicated
  • A critical analysis of computer assisted learning and its impact in improving student’s grades
  • A case study on the correlation between the formative assessment and pupil attainment
  • The motivation behind suicide terrorism and how this can be prevented
  • How to assess the quality of the students who are getting into Saudi Arabia as a determinant of the rate of success
  • A critical analysis of the intervention approach in autism cases

  • Choose one of these topics and you will be on your way to writing a superb paper.