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Outstanding Psychology Dissertation Proposal Ideas

Most students already know that one of the most important aspects of a psychology dissertation is that it explores some new area of the field thoroughly and in so doing makes a contribution to the subject that other academics and researchers can build upon. Before working on a dissertation a student must first submit a proposal which provides a sort of blue print of what the psychology dissertation will be precisely about.

  1. Comparing the five major approaches to psychotherapy – psychoanalysis, behavior, cognitive, humanistic, and integrative – in how patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder cope with personal and professional relationships.
  2. According Jean-Paul Sartre and Soren Kierkegaard – both champions of the humanist theory approach to psychology which focused on a person’s ability to make rational choices – what are the more likely causes for violence in children or teenagers against others in these age groups?
  3. A comprehensive study and understanding of gender identity in terms of treatment for non-gender specific psychological disorders: Can different treatments be applied in accordance to how a person identifies oneself on the gender spectrum?
  4. Does negligence by parents have any psychological effects on a child’s upbringing that may lead to childhood obesity? What about other factors such as environment or community? What are some of the other issues neglect might cause?
  5. Adverse physical effects of late stage abortion and their relationship with women’s mental health? What are the different short and long term effects and are doctors aware of the psychological dangers or risks when consulting patients on the procedure?
  6. A comparison of adults aged 18 – 25 with various eating disorders to determine the causal factors in adolescents which might trigger specific types of eating disorders. How can these factors be identified early to warn of risk?
  7. A comprehensive analysis of the main coping mechanisms in adolescent people in regards to gender identification: Are these mechanisms built out of societal fears, familial fears, cultural fears, etc.?
  8. A study of psychology dissertation writing behaviors: a fun look at why most graduate students wait until the last minute before submitting proposals for review and approval.
  9. The effects of living in a two-language household on children aged 10 and younger: does it lead to increased or decreased brain development? Are other areas of cognitive learning affected by two-language households?
  10. Understanding the psychological effects of near death experiences caused by oneself or as a result of the actions of others: what are the resulting coping mechanisms that arise from these two separate types of events?